Monsters Inc Coloring Book

Monsters Inc Coloring Book


Monsters Inc Coloring Book Monstropolis, a Metropolis town whose entire population is a monster owns a company called Monsters Inc. who lived the city in a way that scared children around the world to collect screams of children used as electrical energy for the city. The children they fear are dangerous, because they contain poison that endanger the monsters that scare it if touched.

But a chaos ensued when one of the boys from the human world, Boo went into Monsters Inc. and throw all the monsters there. Then, the duet Sullivan and Mike attempt to return Boo to the human world in Boo’s supposed bed. But their efforts were blocked by Randall, the lizard monster who tried to kidnap Boo to get energy from his screams directly. And unexpectedly, the owner of the company named Henry J. Waternoose III who also follows Randall’s plan by trying to kidnap Boo (and then all the other human children) in order to save the company’s profits are declining.

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Monsters, Inc. is a computer animated film production of Pixar Animation Studios released to theaters by Walt Disney Pictures on November 2, 2001. The film is the fourth animated film Pixar. It became a commercial gain and criticism. A prequel entitled Monsters University has been released on June 21, 2013.

If you one of the fans this cute monster called Monsters Inc, here Monsters Inc Coloring Book that you can print this funny character image and picture and start coloring with your friends or family :

Monsters Inc Coloring Book Monsters Inc Coloring Book Monsters Inc Coloring Book Monsters Inc Coloring Book

Thats Monsters Inc Coloring Book  that hope you like it. Now you can start to print and colour this cute monster with your own colour.

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